1.      This ride is open to all Road and Mountain Bike age 13 years old and above.

2.      Bicycle helmet is compulsory. Proper cycling attire with sport shoes. No sandal and slippers.

3.      Every rider shall immediately comply with the instructions of a Traffic Police and event Marshal.

4.      Participants will get an event jersey, race pack, finisher medal, light refreshment and lucy draw.

5.      The ride cut-off time is at 0100 pm.

6.      Each cyclist is eligible to compete in King Of Mountain category.

7.      Hand-in your registration form to Lian Huat Enterprise registration fee of RM130 (before closing date).

8.      Closing date is on the 15th February 2017.

9.      This ride is jointly orgainised by Kelab Berbasikal Masterpiece Pujut and Lian Huat Enterprise.

I have read the rules and regulations applicable to my participation in the event. I hereby certify that I am sufficiently fit physically to participate in the event, that I have no physical or medical condition which may endanger myself or others while participating in the event.

I acknowledge that cycling is an inherently dangerous sport and fully realize the dangers of participating in a cycling event and fully assume the risk associated with such participating. I hereby agree to release and forever discharge the event organizers, appointed staff, officials, sponsors, of all liabilities, claims, actions, damages, costs or expenses which I may have against any of them arising out of or in any way connected with my participation in the event. I understand that the exclusion of liability includes any claims based on negligence, action or inaction on the part of any of the above parties.

I also agree not to request for refund to the registration if the Event is postponed due to the unforeseeable by the Organiser, and which occurs on or before the Event, and the occurrence of any such events results in the fact that it is impossible or impractical for the Organiser to perform or conduct the Event.

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